EW-NFU-72 | 240V Mini LED Neon
EW-NFU-72240V Mini LED Neon
240V Mini LED Neon 240V Mini LED Neon 240V Mini LED Neon
  • Item Number:EW-NFU-72
  • Product Name:240V Mini LED Neon
  • Size:10*24mm
  • Color:R/Y/B/R/WW/W/CW/purple/pink/lemon yellow
  • Power/M:3.9w
  • Certification:CE/RoHs
  • Packing:Soft Foam Inside, Carton Box Outside
  • LED Qty Per Meter:72pcs/ 96PCS(ww, w)
  • Input Voltage:240V
  • Protection Level:IP65
  • LED type:SMD
led flex neon, 16*24mm, 2wires, 80leds/m, 1m/unit, 50m/carton, 220V/110V This product is widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising signs etc.

1. Flexibility: Easy to shape various letters, patterns, signs etc 

2. Long life and durability: Made by LED with a long lifetime of 50, 000~80, 000 hours. By using UV resistant and high fireproof material, the neon flex is more durable, impact resistant and simple to maintain both in outdoor and indoor use 
3. Energy saving: Save more than 80% in energy cost. It has approximately a quarter of the energy consumption for miniature bulb rope light and one-sixth of energy consumption of traditional glass neon 
4. Extremely bright and even color: Rubber diffusers and high intensity LED lights provide the light with uniformity and brightness 
5. Easy to install and transport: Unlike the traditional glass neon, the flexibility and plastic jacket, Minimized and light weight make it easy to transport for a long distance and easy and fast to install 

1. Signage and on building interiors and exteriors 
2. Channel letters 
3. Building outlines, signage, underwater pool lighting, highlighting architectural features, displays etc 

1. Minimum order quantity: 50m 
2. Delivery Date: Within 7-12 days upon payment. (Depends on purchasing quantity) 
3. If any special packing is needed, please provide packaging design 
4. We welcome sample orders to test the product quality

It have been widely used in the illumilance of city,it could be as the decoration indoors and outdoors

such as:KTV,Bar, villa decoration supermarket&shop signs,outline of building construction,bridge,streets decorative signs,playground,square ,Christmas-trees ornating,sculpture&figure designings and so on.

MINI(10X20MM) SMD LED Neon Flex Specifcation
Item NO. EW-NF-72-240V EW-NF-96-240V EW-NF-72-110V EW-NF-96-110V EW-NF-72-24V EW-NF-96-24V EW-NF-72-12V EW-NF-96-12V
Input V.olt AC240v AC110V DC24V DC12V
LED Color R, Y, O,B, G,V,P W, WW R, Y, O,B, G,V,P W, WW R, Y, O,B, G,V,P W, WW R, Y, O,B, G,V,P W, WW
Size 10x20MM 10x20MM 10x20MM 10x20MM
LED SPACING 13.9MM 10.4MM 13.9MM 10.4MM 13.9MM 10.4MM 13.9MM 10.4MM
LEDs / M 72 96 72 96 72 96 72 96
Cutting Unit 1M 1M 50CM 50CM 8.33CM 8.33CM 4.17CM 4.17CM
Power / M 6.6W 9.1W 6.6W 9.1W 6.6W 9.1W 6.6W 9.1W
Max. Loading Length  100M 100M 50M 50M 20M 20M 10M 10M
Qty Per Reel 50M 50M 50M 50M

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