EW-NF-80 | 16*26mm SMD LED Neon Flex
EW-NF-8016*26mm SMD LED Neon Flex
16*26mm SMD LED Neon Flex16*26mm SMD LED Neon Flex16*26mm SMD LED Neon Flex
  • Item Number:EW-NF-80
  • Product Name:16*26mm SMD LED Neon Flex
  • Size:16*26mm
  • Color:R/Y/B/R/WW/W/CW/purple/pink/lemon yellow/RGB
  • Power/M:4.8W
  • Certification:CE/RoHs
  • Packing:50m/CTN/25kgs
  • LED Qty Per Meter:80pcs
  • Input Voltage:DC24V
  • Protection Level:IP65
  • LED type:DIP
LED Neon-flex Strip LightWorking Voltage: 12 VAC ,24 VAC , 120VAC , 220VAC, 100% waterproof

16*26mm  Regular SMD LED Neon Flex

Long life (up to 100, 000 hours) and trouble-free operation
Consistent and stringent wavelength control standards +/- 3nm
New Ultra-bright LEDs
Colored PVC jacket design
White PVC base edge to increase luminosity
Milky white diffuser
100% unbreakable
100% waterproof
Low voltage safety, cool for touch
Low heat
Easy to install
Low maintenance cost
1/10 the energy consumption of glass neon
Full enclosed electronics: No exposed glass tubing as with neon
Environmental protection
Work temperature: -20ºC~60ºC, specially can be -50ºC~80ºC

To decorate architecture, building, hotel, brigde, bus, tower, etc
To shape various letters, patterns, signs, etc.

24V Standard size 15*26mm LED neon flex white 

Application of the LED neon strip: 

1. Architectural decoration lighting. 
2. Backing lighting for signage letters. 
3. Archway/canopy and bridge edge lighting. 
4. Auditorium walkway lighting. 
5. Amusement park/theater/aircraft cabin mood lighting. 
6. Stairway accent lighting, DIY lights for home use. 
7. Advertising neon letters shaping. 
8. Holiday, evens, show and exhibition etc decoration. 

1. Minimum order quantity: 50m 
2. Delivery Date: Within 7-12 days upon payment. (Depends on purchasing quantity). 
3. If any special packing is needed, please provide packaging design. 
4. We welcome sample orders to test the product quality.

Use LED Neon light to decorate building:Inside and outside the building

1. Path & contour marking
2. Elegant interior decoration
3. Backlighting for larger size ad-signs
4. Landscape outlines
5. Signal lighting, etc
6. Swimming pool
7. Car and motorcycle decorative lighting
8. Architectural decorative lighting
9. Archway Lighting
10.Canopy Lighting
11.Bridge edge lighting
10.Amusement park and theater lighting
11.Emergency hallway lighting
12.Auditorium walkway lighting
13.Stairway accent lighting
14.Emergency Exit path lighting
15.Cove lighting

Parameter for our LED neon flex light to make sign :

Regular (16*26mm) LED Neon Specifications:
Item No. EW-NF-80-230V EW-NF-80-120V EW-NF-80-24V EW-NF-80-12V
LED color R, A, O B, G, CW, WW, Y PK, PE R, A, O B, G, CW, WW, Y PK, PE R, A, O B, G, CW, WW, Y PK, PE R, A, O B, G, CW, WW, Y PK, PE
Input Volit. AC230v AC120V DC24V DC12V
Size(mm) 16x26
LED spacing 12.5MM
LEDs/m 80
Cutting Unit(cm ) 125 90 40 60 45 25 12.5 7.5 5 6.25 3.75 2.5
Max Loading Length 295m 225m 100m 141m 112m 62m 29m 18m 12m 14m 9m 6m
Length/Reel 50m

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