Wireless DMX Controller (EW-D916M) | Wireless DMX Controller 2.4G
Wireless DMX Controller (EW-D916M)Wireless DMX Controller 2.4G
Wireless DMX Controller 2.4G
  • Item Number:Wireless DMX Controller (EW-D916M)
  • Product Name:Wireless DMX Controller 2.4G
The Wireless DMX512 Units can operate on two separate frequencies, it is possible to have two Wireless DMX512 systems operating independently of each other in one venue. A system is simply one transmitter and one or more receivers operating on the same frequency.

. Transmit/receive up to 512 DMX channels wirelessly
. Use with any universal DMX-512 controller
. 2 user-selectable frequencies (915MHz/433MHz)
. Durable, extruded aluminum casing
. Functions as transmitter or receiver
. Self-contained unit with no setup required
. Requires two units for operation
. You can have an unlimited amount of receivers.

1. Unobstructed distance: 100m
2. Power: DC 9V 500mA 110V or 230V
3. Weight: 0.3kgs, power supplier: 0.6kgs
4. Size: L170× W86× H36 mm
5.2-year limited warranty
6. Wireless DMX is now affordable and very simple to use.
No complicated programming or set up as the wireless wire is truly just plug and play. You dont have to purchase a separate expensive transmitter.

One unit can be either a transmitter or a receiver by simply flipping a switch. With the range of up to 100 meters large arenas are no problem.

If you have a large setup our units have the option of 2 separate universes so you can have 2 transmitters and 2 different groups of receivers without interference.

For convenience each unit has both male and female plugs. Indicator lights on the front of the unit will strobe to show you when they are receiving a DMX signal and change color if its a transmitter or a receiver. How simple is that!
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