How Do Small LED Enterprises Survive the Competitive World?

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Nowadays, doing businesses in almost all the industries becomes more and more difficult, especially for the small enterprises. So does the LED industry.

The LED market is very competitive. They are a full range of LED products, for example, indoor and outdoor lighting, stage lighting, architectural illumination, facade lighting, stair ways lighting, Spotlights, reading lamps, effect and accent lighting, display cases, furniture illumination, marker lights street, tunnel lighting, etc. All these belong to the illumination greenlight. 
Every division includes big and small enterprises. So, How Do Small LED Enterprises Survive the Competitive World?
The most obvious advantage is that small LED enterprises can offter customers flexible cooperation style. For example, they could do some modification or adjustments as per their needs and requirements, which is known as ODM/OEM services. While some big conpanies may not do for the small order.
They also have other advatages. For more info, pls refer to or
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